Destaph, Inc is a comprehensive group of healthcare professionals dedicated to serving the public in three distinct areas.

Our services include:

FIRST CALL: A non bleaching, non toxic, non staining product that destroys MRSA, fungal and staph related infections. It will not damage fabrics, and can be used on all hard surfaces.  The same active ingredient used in FIRST CALL to kill the MRSA superbug, is currently being used in hospital surgical scrubs and has been for 20 years. 

ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD MANAGEMENT: We are responsible and manage the implementation, configuration, training, and re-engineering of practice operations to support the successful adoption of an electronic practice management and electronic medical records software.

ADDICTION COUNSELING & LIFE COACH EXPERTS: We maintain the principles and beliefs that doing the right thing and treating others with respect is of paramount importance. We quickly recognize a crisis and provide intervention when needed to include aggression deceleration. We have knowledge and training in the 12 - step recovery program, as well as multiple diverse treatment options.
Healthcare management and product specialists